WineZone Air Handler 4600 Series Vertical Evaporator


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Air Handler 4600 Series Vertical Evaporator Applications:Used for L-shaped rooms, long narrow rooms, or where one point source will not properly circulate air throughout the room For cellars that will store or mature wine for long periods of time Located outside the cellar, the supply and return air is ducted into the room similar to a central air conditioner No visible mechanical equipment in cellar Ducted units need only supply registers and return air grilles in the cellar leaving more wall space for racking and art work Ducting can be placed in soffits if room construction is already complete The most quiet style of all refrigeration systems Humidification, dehumidification, and alarm options with the air handler system allow for total climate control in the wine cellar Accurate, fast acting, commercial controls operate the refrigeration system and all the accessories Can be used with either an indoor or outdoor remote condensing unit, moving heat and noise away from the cellar Wooden and decorative metal registers available Must be installed and adjusted by a qualified HVAC technician Air Handler: ETLC listed air handler in accordance with UL1995 Aluminum fin-copper tube coil Factory balanced, forward curve direct drive blower, with 115V, 3 speed, PSC motor Cabinet with fully insulated 3/4″ fiberglass with an R value of 3.26 1″ disposable filters standard on all units Vertical units have duct connections on return air inlet and a large blower access panel in front Horizontal units have 3/8″ NC thread nuts in each corner of top panel for easy suspension and are designed for top or bottom blower access Indoor condenser: UL listed Tecumseh commercial condensing unit. Uses R22 refrigerant Air cooled units standard Receiver for use with thermostatic expansion valve 4″ galvanized iron base All systems use Alco pressure controls and refrigerant accessories Fan cycle control switch Larger units have dual fan cycle controls, crankcase heater and suction accumulator Indoor Condenser Outdoor Condenser: UL listed Tecumseh commercial condensing unit. Uses R22 refrigerant Air cooled units standard Receiver for use with thermostatic expansion valve Rainproof control panel box with liquid tight conduit on control panel All systems use Alco pressure controls and refrigerant accessories Low ambient controls Fan cycle control switch Larger units have dual fan cycle controls and suction accumulator Crankcase heater on all models Outdoor Enclosure: UL Listed enclosure Galvanized steel base 20 GA. Galvanized steel cabinet Hinged access for easier servicing Wind safety latch All season weather protection Front louvers at 45 angle Rain trough under hinge to catch moisture that might seep through hinge Condenser screen protected with high temperature baked-on clear lacquer coating System 350 Climate Controls: Johnson Controls was founded in 1885 as a building controls manufacturing and service company. Today, the Controls Group of Johnson Controls, Inc. offers unmatched expertise in how to make non-residential facilities perform better, resulting in improved comfort, safety, energy efficiency and productivity. Johnson Controls is the recognized global leader in creating and managing quality building environments and providing solutions that continually exceed customers’ increasing expectations. Johnson Controls designs, manufactures, operates and maintains mechanical and electrical systems that control energy use, heating, ventilating, air conditioning, lighting, and security. UL listed Modular electronic control series that includes on/off temperature, humidity and staging applications Basic system consists of a control module, which accepts stage, display and transformer modules. All models housed in NEMA 1 high impact enclosures DIN rail or surface mounted Remote sensing capability up to 250′ SPDT relay with LED relay indication and an adjustable set point, differential, and offset 5 pin connectors eliminate wiring between modules Digitally displays actual climate conditions, and set points Temperature sensor accuracy of 2F. Temperature module accuracy of 3 Humidity sensor accuracy of 4%RH. Humidity module accuracy of 3%RH Power module accepts 110v or 220v input voltage Fan Cycle Control: Contacts open and close by movement of pressure actuated bellows Provides direct control of AC motors Full adjustability through all pressure ranges Hammer blow contact break for long contact life 36 in. cap tube with 1/4″ flare nut 100 to 400 psig range with 35 psi differential minimum Humidification: Research Products Corporation is the largest manufacturer of whole house humidifiers, air cleaners, and fresh air exchangers and is a recognized leader in the heating and air conditioning industry. Quiet, efficient performance Easily installed and maintained Fan draws air through water panel where humidity is generated and the air handler distributes humidity throughout the cellar .75 gal/


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