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A wine industry first, this Zero Oxygen Solutions Wine Preserver keeps an opened bottle of wine perfectly preserved for up to two months. It works its magic on any variety of wine – red, white or rose – so you can drink just a glassful and save the rest for later much later! Every glass will taste as fresh as if the wine has just been opened – perfect if you need a little wine for a recipe midweek, but you dont want to drink the rest until the weekend. It even lets you reopen and reseal the bottle so youll have the freedom to drink as little as you like – no worries, no waste, no reason to drink more than youre comfortable with and no morning-after recriminations! How it works Designed by wine lovers from the California wine region, it completely eliminates oxygen from an opened bottle of wine, preventing the oxidization that spoils the flavor of your wine. Super-easy to use, theres no need to inject gas or pump like crazy to create a vacuum – just insert it into the neck of your bottle and leave it standing upright in the fridge or in a corner of your kitchen. The special ZOS cartridge is filled with a specially formulated compound which absorbs 100% of the oxygen in the bottle. Zero oxygen – Zero waste – Zero effort. When to replace a cartridge A built-in computer chip automatically runs a series of checks on the cartridge every time you insert it in to its airtight holder, flashing lights from red to green as it does so. When the light turns solid green its ready to pop into the bottle, a green light flashes to let you know it is operating correctly, and a constant red light means its time for a new cartridge. One cartridge can preserve up to 15 bottles of wine. In the box: 1 wine preserver 1 preserving cartridge 1 storage holder 2 x LR44 batteries (included) Simple instructions About ZOS – Zero Oxygen Solutions Its incredibly irritating to waste a glassful or two of a lovely wine because you cant reseal the bottle effectively. The technology behind it has been tried and tested in independent laboratories over a 3-year period, and the final product approved by a host of winemakers and wine experts.


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