Definitely a medium to full bodied grape, Semillon is a native to the Bordeaux region in France even though today the region that holds the title for having the most success with this grape is none other than the Hunter Valley region of New South Wales in Australia. While it can be often be said (and rightly so) that wines that are dominated by Semillon lack youthful aroma, they always tend to have a fairly full body and be low in acidity. It is for this reason that Semillon makes a wonderful “second” grape in blending of wines producing some wonderful flavours. Semillon even works well when blended with the well-known loner, Chardonnay, giving richness and weight without sacrificing the aromatic delicacy. That is not to say that a Semillon alone won’t make for good wine. Semillons on general are a variety that is best drunk after a few years.